3 funny ways of deciding where to eat


In the past, we’ve discussed how to choose the best restaurant to visit – by using a rational approach.

Even though it deals with a similar subject, we’ve switched up the methodology.

Life’s not meant to be treated too seriously at all times, which is why you should just take it easy from time to time and go with your gut and allow yourself to be adventurous!

Maybe visit place you’ve always been wondering about, or perhaps take a stroll into the unknown and let yourself be surprised by what restaurants just happen to be there?

Such a stunt is best performed by taking some friends with you so you can have a laugh.

In any case, here are 5 funny methods you can use to pick the next restaurant you’re going to visit.

  1. Wager or play a social game

Flip a coin, play a game of poker, shuffle a deck of cards and guess what colour is about to come next when you randomly pull out a card… you get the idea.

You can even spice it up and play a drinking game with your friends prior to visiting, and the last one standing gets to pick a restaurant (but remember to drink with caution).

In this case, just make sure to use public transport so you won’t sit behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol.

Another way it to simply ask a friend to choose one for you.

You could even take it virtual and play on social media like Facebook.

Ask people on your timeline to pick a restaurant you should visit and what you should eat, and the one with the most likes wins.

It would be just as fun with half the hassle of trying to get all your friends In one place at the same time.

  1. Play a competitive game

If you’re not a fan of having someone else determine your destiny, why not play a competitive game and fight for it?

How about a game of tug of war?

Sure to get the competitive side out of you and your friends.

The game dose not require much prep, or equipment.

It’s a quick way to make a decision when the choices are split.


Are you more into an intellectual game? Then play something a bit more relaxed, like four in a row or chess.

The winner gets to pick the place to eat!

  1. Drive around aimlessly


Go out of town if you have to.

The point of this is to go somewhere without a GPS device to guide you and share a laugh.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find a cool place you’ve never seen before, so make it a trip, and don’t forget to bring a smile!


These funny ways to pick a restaurant are a great way to make your day.

When suggesting something like this, you should probably do it a little bit tongue in cheek, so your friends will be as receptive to your ideas as possible.

And if you’re taking the ‘aimless wandering’ approach, don’t forget to bring a map, a bottle of water, and some table or sports games you can play on the way there.


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