4 effective marketing tips that will make your restaurant the talk of the town.


When looking the way we interact one of the biggest factors that have changed this is the rise of the internet, making it no surprise that marketing strategies for businesses have also been affected.

New strategies for marketing must now be employed, with strategies that would have worked 10 years ago not working now.

This is sometimes seen as a hurdle by many owners’ restaurants but this change could be seen as something more positive. An opportunity to learn and put into effect other strategies that may help your business grow.

But before you start thinking of strategies you need to review the basic features of your restaurant.  This includes your menu, being the foundation of your restaurant if your menu is not presented properly as well as being appealing, the marketing strategies you employ will not be as effective.

Now lets me let you into some effective strategies to attract customers to your restaurants.

  1. Make sure your website says what you need it to say!

People still judge a book by its cover, especially when it comes to buying goods and services.

This usually has negative connotations but there is also a positive angle to it.

This way of reviewing goods and services means that   you can control what consumers see about your business.

Make sure you invest in the images on your website! This usually means getting a professional to take the pictures you put up as well as someone to professionally compose the website in general.

The evolution of the internet means that everything is moving fast, so make sure your website is modern and up to date.

While on the topic of evolution, let’s not forget that most people are on the go and their main source of the internet is through a mobile phone. So if you do have a website make sure that you also have a mobile-friendly version.

  1. Organise special events

If you look at popular upcoming restaurants they are likely to be hosting special events to draw in customers.

Take inspiration from this, being an effective way to directly interact with the consumer market as well as create a buzz around the restaurant.

Here are some ideas you could draw inspiration from:

How about a dart Tuesday?

A cocktail-discount Friday?

A wine-tasting Sunday?

Don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from your competitors.

  1. Offer free Wi-Fi (with a twist)

It won’t cost you much extra but would be a great feature of service.

This will have a low cost in comparison to the benefit it will have for your customers.

You could also ask customers to sign up their email to your newsletter (if you have one), this means that they would automatically be subscribed.

  1. Register your restaurant on a food delivery platform

By doing this you won’t be losing much, actually, it will give you exposure and access to a lot of new customers.

Every time someone places an order through the food delivery platform you would pay a small commission and bam that’s it.

This allows you to cater to a whole other demographic of people. The people who are more so homebodies and would prefer to eat food from the comfort of their own home.

At the end of the day, it is all about catering to your customers’ needs and this is a major asset.

Marketing strategies are consistently changing and this change is further sped up because of how fast pace the internet is. This has its drawback because it means that you consistently need to be on the ball. But do not forget the major assets that it holds, this includes you being able to have direct access to your consumer market with no middleman. As well as you being able to construct the type of image that is pushed forward about the restaurants.


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