5 Best London Restaurants for Dining in 2022

5 Best London Restaurants for Dining in 2022

5 Best London Restaurants for Dining in 2022

Dining out is always fun but dining out on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries is something special. Celebratory dinner is something we all look forward to as it is the best way to get together with family and friends. You don’t want to go wrong with your meal on this special occasion hence, we’re here to make sure that you dine at a good place.

We’ve devised a list of best restaurants for special occasions in London that we know serve a good meal and provide a good experience. The list goes as:

1) Kiln:
Kiln is a promising restaurant with the best Burmese-spiced short rib curry. They have a lot of nightly specials that you can pick from. Go with your group of friends to try out the most dishes. You’ll have a good time testing out each other’s dishes.

2) The Barbary:
The Barbary is sure to be a unique experience, but you probably should go early to get your booking. Try out anything from the tandoor or grill as it’s the best. Especially their tandoori naan and charred octopus is a true delight. You might have to wait a bit for your turn but the wait is worth it once you take a bite of your meal.

3) Smoke and Salt:
A restaurant in a shipping container, this outlet is surely big stuff in small pockets. Everything they offer tastes like a dream but their parsnip and flatbread combo with burnt yeast cream, pickled garlic, and apple is the best! This place has character and marvelous service. You will get a good atmosphere and delicious food.

4) Bright
Their menu changes every day- just the excitement you need for your special occasion! Their plates full of carbs are to kill for. Watch out for that plate of pasta. Herby pizzette, white bread sarnie with katsu chicken inside is something to look out for. Eating here is like eating at a high ceilinged, glass box but that’s good as there is less to distract you from your food or your conversation with a friend. Give Bright a go for a fulfilling meal and a good time.

5) Tandoor Chop House
Who doesn’t like exotic Indian food? Birthdays and anniversaries are the best time to add that extra spice to your plate. When you fancy Indian food that is deliciously cliched this is the place to go. You will get your authentic curries and tandoori chickens that you like. Their seekh kebabs and beef dishes are also delicious although, their malted kulfi dessert takes the cake! Eat at this place in a café style setting where the staff treats you like family. It will be a pleasant experience.

Explore these restaurants for special occasions and thank us later. You can also order at Supermeal and have a night in with your friends. Whatever you decide to do, we wish you a great time! Spend this year well and eat well with Supermeal.


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