5 Best Soups to Try this Winter

5 best soups to try this winter

During the winter, having soup is an ideal and healthy way to stay warm and clear any build-up of sinuses that the chilly weather may have brought with it. Soups can be made as a quick midweek meal for hurried days or a starter for a luxurious dinner on Sunday night. Ditch the boring tin soups and try out some exciting soup recipes that we have brought for you to try this winter!

1) Spiced root vegetable soup
Vegetables are filled with important nutrients that make your body healthy. The spiced root vegetable soup is supercharged with seasonal vegetables, making sure all the family gets their vitamin and mineral requirements. To make this dish more economical, you could grow the vegetables in your backyard as the recipe can be made with in-season veggies.

2) Roasted red pepper, sweet potato & smoked paprika soup
A rollercoaster for your tastebuds, this soup is delicious and easy to make. Simply roast the veg and blend with the remaining ingredients. The recipe is great for busy days when you can’t put in that much effort but also want a fulfilling meal. This soup will warm you up while not taking much of your time. Coconut and maple syrup added to the recipe also gives an exotic touch to make your meal jazzier.

3) Roasted Butternut squash soup
Try out this bright yellow soup to bring some colour to the otherwise dark landscapes outside. The sunny yellow soup makes sure you get rid of any winter blues. While being pleasing to the eyes the soup is wonderfully luxurious to tase with its bacon and white wine. Try this one out – the recipe is simple and the soup surely does not disappoint!

4) Winter vegetable and lentil soup
This soup is extremely healthy and nutritious while being warm for your body! Winter vegetable and lentil soup have four of your five-a-day. It’s high in fiber and packs a lot of vitamins and minerals which is ideal for keeping your body healthy and competent to fight off any seasonal colds or bugs. The lentils boost the protein content in this recipe to give you extra power and strength to keep working hard and going at it in the winter season.

5) Chicken Noodle soup
What is better than the classic chicken noodle soup? With the use of ginger, chicken, and sweetcorn, this soup gives an oriental inspiration to your mid-winter meals. Easy to make and tastebuds friendly, this soup can be eaten by the whole family without any complaints of it being plain or boring. Being low-fat, low-calorie, and high-protein, this lighter soup can provide some relief from excess feastings of fattening foods.

Try out these new soups to escape out of the monotony of winter blues and stay warm and healthy on the inside!


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