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best meals to order during working hours

A regular 8 hour desk job, sitting constantly on your seat is what constitutes an office for most people. Office life can become extremely hectic with no signs of slowing down. Work is likely to keep piling up and 4 days a week hardly feels enough. This adds to higher stress levels, irregular eating habits and an unhealthy lifestyle. People are most likely to consume unhealthy snacks that are available through vending machines or in tuck shops like crackers, chips and chocolates. The calories consumed are much higher than the energy we use and leads to unnecessary weight gain. It becomes important that people focus on eating healthy at work; especially those that keep you hydrated, is nutritious and is easy on the gut.

Supermeal now makes it easier for you to ensure that you get healthy foods to eat at work. The app makes it convenient for you to order amazing dishes from the best local restaurants, be it Chinese, Italian, Arabic, English, Indian or American food. All you have to do is order whatever you like and get delicious and piping hot food delivered right to you, without worrying about leaving work.

Some of the best meals to order during working hours include;


One of the healthiest and easiest foods to order and eat is salads. Filled with fresh vegetables, olive oil, meats and nuts, you can’t go wrong with a salad. Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, salads can be customized to your taste buds and can be enjoyed while you sit on your desk. The best part of ordering salads is that you can opt for a classic salad or choose salads that are specific to different cuisines. Some of the most popular salads on Supermeal are the Arabic Fattoush salad and the feta cheese salad.

Grilled Meats and bar-be-que

When you browse through the menu on Supermeal, an important tip to remember is that anything that is grilled and from the bar-be-que is best for delivery. These types of food can easily sit out for some time without losing its texture or flavor; thereby making them the perfect food to eat at work. Frilled chicken, lamb, duck
and veggies can be extremely healthy for you and light on your stomach. You can check out Paprika Grill’s menu for some amazing grilled skewers.


From chow mein to ramen, noodle dishes are the most popular when it comes to delivery. These are exceptionally easy to eat and can be enjoyed by everyone. If you are vegetarian, you can skip out on the meats. If you want to make sure that your noodles are packed perfectly, then you can request the restaurant to pack the noodle and the sauces separately allowing it to hold better during delivery.


This may not necessarily be a healthy option, but it is definitely better than food from the vending machine. It is easy to eat and without a doubt delicious. Ordering pizza gives you the option to select from a range of different flavors such as cheese lovers, Hawaiian, chicken tikka, meat lovers, pepperoni and more.

Next time you don’t need to worry about what you will eat for lunch at work. Just download and order from the Supermeal app and enjoy delicious, hot and healthy food.


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