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Pizza, Did You Know…?

We're celebrating this incredible food by taking a look at 21 unique and interesting facts about pizza, including toppings, consumption, history and...
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Where can I get good sushi and a great experience in Birmingham?

Getting sushi in Birmingham is pretty much a given. But finding a good sushi place? Not so much. Maybe you’ve gone out exploring on your own (and haven’t had any luck), or maybe this is the first...

Top 5 dessert places you should visit in Birmingham

No matter what the year on your birth certificate might say, no one is too old to indulge in some good old fashioned sweet treat. So if you call yourself a sweet tooth, now’s the...

Where can I get vegan takeaway in Birmingham?

Eating out is such a time-saver it’s not even funny. Not only does it make everything much more efficient by saving you the trouble of having to clean the dishes afterwards, it also spares you...

Vegan, in Birmingham? Don’t Fret!

With a ton great tasting plant-based food options, you can plan to be fed and still put the pots and pans down for tonight. Our Chef at Supermeal has a variety of dishes to...