Fancy some curry? Here are 4 curry houses to try in Birmingham


Curry is a staple dish all over the UK and no surprise so many Brits love it, being packed with flavor and heat it’s a sure winner.

This spicy goodness doesn’t only taste amazing, it also has a ton of health-related benefits to it:

– Treats inflammation

– Acts against high blood sugar

– Fights cancer

However, you don’t really need to travel too far to experience what authentic curry is all about.

Birmingham wears the crown of being the UK’s capital of curry, so coming across a top-notch Indian food restaurant that serves it won’t be much of a struggle (especially with the help of modern tourist apps and food delivery platforms).

But to make matters even better, we decided to do the heavy lifting for you and list 4 of Birmingham’s finest curry houses we stumbled on during our research, as well as briefly going over some tasty nibbles that the restaurants have to offer.

  1. Tipu Sultan

Looking for a banging balty at this fine time of the year?

Tipu Sultan have got it served alongside Sultani Chops (their trademark meal). The menu as a whole is filled with tantalizing dishes, from different parts of the sub-continent.

Why are the Sultain chops such a hit? Well they are marinated in a mix of herbs and spices and grilled over a hellfire of blazing delight, these are served smoking hot and will leave none craving for more.

The description alone has my mouth watering!

Be warned, however; their taste is quite strong, so the faint of heart may want to consider other dishes on the menu.

  1. Pushkar


The legendary winner of the English Curry Award needs no introduction.

But seriously, their chicken curry is the talk of town.

And this is no ordinary chicken either – it’s Murgh Korma.

The yoghurt and cashew sauce they’re known for makes for a perfect addition to a classic meat.

Spiced to perfection, it can easily satisfy those who would consider themselves spice lovers as well as those who would usually shy away from the spicier dishes on the menu.

  1. EastZEast 

Birmingham’s answer to authentic Punjabi food, with eastern fusion and exotic fares.

They aim to cater for a huge market segment, so be sure that you’ll find a dish that satisfies you.

Here, you’re going to get your curry cravings settled in a single meal (and then some).

While also being able to have a wide variety of dishes with an abundance options being provided for vegetarian and even vegans.

With more than just the menu to look forward to, the restaurant is also known for its great interior and ambience.

Having been labelled “very good” on TripAdvisor with many reviews raving about how it hosted the “best curry they had ever had”.

With a location in every major city in England, why not pop in and give them a try?

  1. Asha’s

If you prefer a healthier option for food, you’re going to love the never-ending variants of seafood you can order here.

Mix it with a portion of rice, and you’re good to go.

But you’re planning to visit to have a bite of their curry, right?

That’s when their amazing lobster curry comes in.

The mustard paste, prawns, and spices it comes with are the building blocks of something distinct and unique, a spicy taste of the sea’s awe-inspiring depth you’ll never forget.


They haven’t crowned Birmingham as the UK’s capital of curry for nothing.

The restaurants we highlighted for you today are some of the finest examples of Birmingham’s curry cuisine and they all have extremely high customer ratings.

Even if you go out with the sole intention of experiencing the delight that can only be found on a curry plate, you’re going to run out of time to see everything it has to offer before you find yourself running out of options.

It’s healthy, it’s spicy, and it’s absolutely bombastically delicious.

It’s curry, so what’s not to love?


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