Food photography done right: 3 tips to make your photos shine


As a restaurant owner, you should always strive to get more people through your door.

The two main keys to having a successful restaurant are obviously having great food as well as having a good location. But with the restaurant market becoming more competitive, this isn’t enough to keep restaurants competitive.

There is a new component that plays a significant role in the ways that consumers pick restaurants… websites. Almost always before customers go to a new restaurant they check the website.

This advancement might be a bit intimidating. But do not fret!

Instead of seeing this as another obstacle see the opportunity factor. This is your chance to showcase your food in the best light!

Many restaurants make the mistake of not putting effort into their photographic presentation because they believe their food is good. But online people taste with their eyes, so presentation is just as important factor at the initial stages as the taste of the food.

Now the question is how you take pictures that ensure you get customers.

1: Photos taken in natural light are more appealing

Food photography

If you want your picture to come alive then use natural lighting!

Artificial light is sometimes seen as being more appealing as it allows you to play with more effects.

But when looking for pictures with a crisp, colourful and appetizing effect, natural lighting is the obvious option.

Food elicits a natural response. It does not need anything extra added to it to make it appealing, actually, the key to a successful picture would be to catch the food in its purest form.

2: Choose the right angles

Food photography

Of course, there is no set in stone rules, but if you are shooting it’s usually best to get a picture from above.

This angle usually allows you to showcase the full plate of food as well as the other decorative factors that could add to the aesthetic of the food. Including table setting, side dishes, drinks etc…

But when looking to get more interactive pictures of people with food, angles and other factors become more subjective.

The angle is also subjective to the kind of container holding the food alongside the main focus of the picture. A good example is Sushi because of its shape in addition to the way its composed, a side angle would be more appropriate to properly showcase the food.

  1. Food arrangement is a major key

Composition is undoubtedly a make or break for food photos.

So take your time, jig things around until it works. Composition is subjective so don’t be disheartened when you don’t get the results you want on the 1st attempt.

When it comes to arrangement it’s not just about the food. Other factors are to be considered including plating, cutlery etc…

You want to make sure that the food is presented in a crisp, clean manner. With the extra decorative ornaments around the food following suit.

Many photos do not incorporate these other pieces into the frame properly, so they end up looking out of place instead of enhancing the picture as intended.


  1. Think about what you are wearing

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. What does what I am wearing have to do with the photo of the food?

Well, I’m talking about shadows. Don’t forget that when you are taking photos the light will be more likely to bounce back off of colourful clothes. So try to wear more neutral colours (e.g. blacks, greys and whites).

  1. Don’t be afraid to get your hand in the shot

Food photography

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