Get more Tripadvisor reviews with these five helpful tips:

Tripadvisor reviews

Trip advisor reviews are one of the most helpful tools in attracting more customers to your business. Having been found to level up a lot of business success.

With over 80% of tourists using it to decide where to eat, it does not come too surprisingly the impact it has on business being used by such a big consumer market.

The tourist market is very strong, with most tourists only having the option to eat out. Meaning unlike those in your community, these customers are guaranteed to be paying attention to what’s happening in the restaurant market.

It gets hard to pull in reviews as when people do go out of the restaurant they move on with their lives and tend to forget about their experience. Trip advisor does not make it any easier either as they guard against incentive-based approaches. Blocking all links that are incentive-based from accessing reviewing sections.

Whether the reviews are good or bad, the more reviews the better. This noise allows customers to have more to base their decision on as well as bettering you’re raking on google.

Now let’s get into how you can get more trip advisor reviews:

1: Just ask!

It seems quite obvious, right?

But many restaurants forget the value of asking. Most customers don’t think to themselves “Ohh let me rush home to give this place a review”.

Even worse is that people tend to only think to give reviews for themselves when the services that they get are not up to scratch with what they wanted.

So, if you are not putting in queues after providing services then don’t expect to get a lot of reviews.

This could be done with a reminder when leaving, collecting customer emails for subscription services etc… 

2: Show that you care

Tripadvisor reviews

Many restaurants think that commenting on customers reviews is a waste of time. Well, its not!

Yes, that includes the negative as well as the positive ones.

This would be good for business as it would reaffirm that you appreciate your customer’s loyalty and support. In relation to the negative reviews, it would be good to reply to these also, in order to assure customers that you aim to better your services in accordance with the feedback given. As well as ensuring them that you are sorry for their negative experience.

Many restaurants make the mistake of being defensive when replying to negative reviews. These comment’s go on to reflect the kind of service that you will provide as a company.

It never looks good to argue/ question the customer. Your aim should be to ensure them you will improve services in the future.

3: Inform others about your Tripadvisor presence

It’s hard for people to engage with you on Tripadvisor if they do not know you are on the platform.

If you know your services are good and you even have accolades to prove this, then it only makes sense to promote these.

This could be done on the:

–    Menu

–    Flyers

–    Website

–    Social Media

–    Text/whatsapp

Making your customers more aware that you want them to engage with you on other platforms.

Partnering with online food ordering services is also another strategy that could help promote your material and increase engagement. As this puts you right in front of their audience.

    4: Spy on the competition

Tripadvisor reviews

This is a cheeky one, we know.

But we don’t mean spy to copy, we mean spy to but to be aware.

When new strategies emerge you can then find ways to quickly incorporate them into your approach.

5: Be the best you can be

At the end of the day, even with all the above factors combined.  The best thing you can do to get good results is to actually do your best!

Make sure that from food to service, your customers are having a desirable experience.

Even thinking about details like interior decoration could elevate their experience.

The whole experience should be treated with just as much care as the food is because when you eat from somewhere it’s a whole experience.

But with all this being said, do not underestimate the power of the tongue. Being one of the biggest forms of free marketing. Find ways (e.g. business cards) that will promote customers to have conversations about the restaurant. Both factors, including online presence, should be used In order to engage with the consumer market.

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