Helping the community: 8 things to mention in your restaurant review


The community should be all about people giving each other a helping hand.

Naturally, most people love to help others.

When helping others there is a karmic return, as the old saying goes; give, and you shall receive.

The same principle applies to write restaurant reviews.

Wouldn’t you love to be the one to contribute to an experience similar to the one that you’ve had? Whether it was positive or not, it would be of great help to someone else.

Writing a restaurant review can be tons of fun.

However, there are certain things you need to include to make your reviews informative, helpful, and exciting for the reader.

Ideally, your restaurant review should touch on the following:

  1. Describe how the interior was set out

Getting some details about how the interior looks allows you to assess the level of quality that will be provided.

Allowing you to answer the question “how professional are they” as this tells you a lot about the quality that will follow throughout the whole restaurant experience.

It also helps people have an idea about what the vibe of the room will be like.

Ask yourself these questions:

Have you noticed anything special about the room?

How did it make you feel?

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  1. Did you have trouble finding the place? Mention it.

This mainly applies to those who have decided to visit a restaurant for the very first time, but it’s still an important aspect to cover.

So make sure to include a couple of lines about the location in the review.

While we’re there, how was the parking lot did they even have on or did not make you park elsewhere?

This could be a massive inconvenience for those driving to the restaurant so be sure to let them know!

3.How was the staff’s service?

Did the staff enhance your dining experience?

Did you have to request things that should have been included (e.g salt and pepper on the table)

Did the staff cater considerate throughout the dining experience?

Go over the service in as much detail as possible.

This might be something that even the managerial staff are not well informed on. So you would be helping the community and those working in the restaurant.

Bringing us to the next point, being closely related to service.

  1. How long did you wait before your dish was ready?

And how long did it take them to prepare your dish?

When trying to pick a restaurant you pick those which are well known, this would evidently mean that it going to be packed.

This although does not mean that you should have to over wait for food. The restraint should be able to hire staff that matches their demand.

  1. The menu must not leave anything to be desired


You could take time to draw parallels between most expensive, to the least expensive, the most bizarre, to the most visually pleasing dishes on the menu.

The first two categories don’t cover all of the things that could be discussed in terms of the menu. But including it would certainly help with the rest.

  1. Now overall do you feel that you got your money’s worth?

Was the food too spicy/salty / overcooked?

Perhaps you enjoyed the meal itself, but were not so fond of the menu prices?

If you raise your concerns, how did the staff respond?


All in all, it’s up to you how you approach writing the review, but these things will definitely enrich it in one way or another.

It also helps to note the structural specifics of a review that left an impression on you.

Whenever in doubt or running out of ideas, just ask yourself how you can be more helpful to others and that should do the trick.

Also, much respect to the kind reviewers like you who invest their time to help others and make their lives easier.

May your meals taste delicious and may the staff be ever so kind!


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