How to know if you’re picking the best Indian restaurant to dine at.


Indian cuisine is known for creating unique tastes by mixing together different flavors through: spices, herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

The final result is something unique and as tasty as you can imagine.

But with so many different choices staring at you from the menu, how do you know which ones are worthy of your taste buds?

And, most importantly, how do you know which restaurants should you priorities?

A good way of getting a solid recommendation is to look at where and what others are ordering.

As you can probably tell, the numbers don’t lie, and it’s unlikely for any given restaurant to be getting a high number of visitors without it being superb in every way imaginable.

The age-old tactic of placing your bets on concrete numbers will rarely fail you when choosing the next restaurant to take a chance at.

But notably there are other criteria that could allow you to insure if the restaurant you’re looking to dine at is the best one so we have also explored these methods, to make sure you’re getting the best dining experience possible.

So which Indian restaurants should you pay a visit to?

Find out how to select the best Indian restaurant below!

  1. Check what’s trending on Tripadvisor


That’s one of the simplest ways to do it, and you don’t need to resort to listening to any particular person’s opinion.

If you want to get some even more accurate results, here’s something you can do – filter the results based on your food preferences.

It goes without saying that vegetable lovers will probably get a different looking page of results than meat eaters or those who didn’t select a preference.

Of course, by limiting the search results to a specific region, you can only get so many results, especially if you live in a smaller area.

So make sure to adjust it accordingly and mix it up every once in a while to keep things fresh.

  1. A vast selection of appetizers

While some people prefer to take things straight to the punch, others like to take it step by step.

This is where the appetizer menu comes in handy, if a restaurant has a vast option of starters then you would be able to get a fuller experience of Indian food.

This also usually signals that the main menu will be more focused on fewer dishes and while this may seem like a flaw at first, remember that dishes on the main menu are usually more complex ( especially in reference to Indian cuisine). So the less dishes on the menu the more the chefs are able to concentrate and perfect the mains they would be serving.

So it’s a win win situation on both ends.

If you get a bit lost in the maze of appetisers, try samosas, Indian cuisines star starter.

You’re welcome.

  1. Having a meal without a dessert is like not wrapping a present


With so many mouth-salivating Indian desserts you can get your hands on, why would you not take advantage of such a fine opportunity and order one while you’re already there?

Indian cuisine incorporates a lot of sugar.

But no, not the bad kind.

They’re known for their milk-based desserts and using fruit as the main source of sugar.

Expect to see plenty of exotic fruits like mangoes, bananas, and pomegranates being thrown in the mix.

Healthy and sweet?

Where can we sign?

Any Indian restaurant that’s worth its salt will have this aspect covered in one way or another.


People like Indian restaurants because of how flavorsome the dishes are.

From more mild dishes to those made for the more hardcore crowd, every Indian restaurant out there offers something to make everyone’s visit worthwhile.

A lot of people tend to forget about Indian desserts but I would advise you to give them a try, working perfectly with the flavorful starters and main dish to give you a well-rounded dining experience.

All in all, the things we went through are how you can pick the best Indian restaurants and will hopefully leave you full and satisfied.


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