Is it even a BBQ if you don’t have these essentials (this summer)?


It’s hard to find a person who’s not a big fan of BBQ.

For many people, it’s much more than just the food – it’s about friends coming together and sharing a laugh.

It’s about the rays of sun shining down on you (or seeking shelter from it under an umbrella if you so prefer).

But, most importantly, it’s about having the feast of a lifetime by the poolside, so you can always jump in for a refreshing swim.

Well, either that, or just lie down flat on your back on an inflatable alligator and pat your stomach that’s stuffed to the brim until the sun goes down.

But ultimately a good BBQ boils down to the following 3 crucial elements:

  1. Get a good grill cook or learn what it takes to do it yourself

If you hire someone to do the cooking for you (or ask one of your buddies to do it), there’s not much else to do than comfortably leaning back in your seat and watching the action unfold.

But if you want to do it yourself, you need the right ingredients, the knowledge, and the tools.

A set of protective grilling gloves and some kitchen tongs are probably the basics, and the rest depends on what food you’re going to be grilling.

Then, you need to learn how to spice things up by grilling some vegetables.

One of my favourite ways to spice things up is by throwing a couple of onions on the grill, it always works like a charm!

Still, your main focus should go into preparing the meat (assuming that’s the main dish, of course).Since covering all of that would probably require a whole separate article just to touch the surface, let’s just conclude with a cool trick of the trade:

Cut the stake perpendicularly to the muscle fibers.

Try it and tell us what you think we’ll bet it taste amazing !

  1. Setting the right scenery opens the doors to an unforgettable experience

There’s hardly anything wrong with going minimalistic and setting up nothing more than a good old picnic table and a couple of chairs.

But if you truly want to take things up a notch, you’re going to need to cater to all of the senses.

Scented candles are awesome.

If mosquitoes are giving you a tough time, lavender essential oil is a great way to deter them (it also smells nice, unlike many traditional mosquito repellents).

Playing some music, as long as it’s something multiple people can enjoy, can truly elevate the overall experience.

Finally, make sure that the ambience is pleasant.

Decorate it with balloons, torches, or something a bit more functional like juicers or drink-cooling fridges.

Remember, ambience plays a pivotal role in how your friends are going to feel.

Speaking of which…

  1. Have the right people come over, not those who you feel pressured into inviting

Inviting the right kind of people can make all the difference between having a good time and a miserable gathering you can’t wait to put behind you.

Most of the people tend to feel pressured into inviting some of their unwelcome acquaintances just to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

On the surface, this seems like a legitimate argument, but let’s take a look at this from another angle – if a certain person seems annoying to you, chances are your other friends will also perceive them in a similar manner.

Then, it’s not just about you, but your friends as well.

Surely you don’t want to spoil their fun by inviting a party pooper or someone who’s demeaning, arrogant, or negative in another way, right?


Keeping these things in mind should give you plenty of ideas what you should do to ensure a pleasant BBQ gathering for all.

No matter what happens, summer’s not going to last forever, so you should do your best to make every day count.

Remember the 3 essential elements of making it happen: good food, good ambience, and good people.

In the end, that’s all you really need to have a blast.


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