Is Takeaway or Food Delivery Safe During COVID-19?

Is It Safe to Order Takeaway or Delivery Food During COVID-19?

19 is something that we are all very much familiar with. The ongoing pandemic has managed to change how society operates. The virus has not just managed to spread to every country around the globe but has also affected the regular habits and lifestyle of people. One popular habit that has been halted during this stressful time is dining out. Going out for dinners with family and friends, going to cafes and bars was a common practice that is no longer possible because of the high risk of spreading the virus within crowded areas. However, with dining out becoming impossible, the only options left for people are takeaway and getting their food delivered directly to their homes.
Yet people continue to ask, ‘is takeout safe during coronavirus?’ and ‘is it safe to order food during Coronavirus?’ To answer this question, it is first important to understand what Covid-19 is. It has been established that covid-19 is mainly a respiratory illness, mainly spread through fluid droplets from the mouth or nose of an infected individual. If people nearby breathe in these droplets, they are also very likely to get infected. However, there is very little evidence suggesting that people can get infected from droplets that land on objects like food packaging. Even though this cannot be ensured, it is important to take necessary precautions.
Hence, Supermeal along with their delivery partners have issued guidance regarding how food is being prepared and packaged as well as how their delivery men and women stay safe. Due to the nature of the pandemic, the main risk can come from the interaction between people. Therefore, all of the restaurant partners and the Supermeal app offer the option of making payments ahead and in the process eliminating the need to transfer cash physically to the delivery person.
In the case of picking up food, it is advised to opt for contactless pickup over drive-through windows. If the option is not available, then it is best to ensure that the mask is being worn the whole time you are in the restaurant. Many of our restaurants are ensuring that they can protect their employees as well as their customers. Employees working the kitchen as well as waiters are all required to wear masks, gloves and sanitize and wash their hands repeatedly.
Covid-19 is especially troubling because the virus can live on different surfaces like cardboard boxes and paper bags for extended periods. Hence, it is advised that once you receive your order or bring it home, the food should be transferred from the takeaway boxes and these should be disposed of properly. Hands should be washed before eating and the area where the packaging was resting should be thoroughly cleaned.
The answer to the question, ‘Is It Safe to Order Takeaway or Delivery Food During COVID-19?’ is yes. If the restaurant and the customer both act responsibly and take all necessary precautions it can be completely safe to order delivery or even takeaway food during the pandemic. The focus should be on following all necessary precautions.


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