Supermeal Shortlisted for NatWest GBEA Disruptor of the Year 2019!


Birmingham (UK), 23 July 2019 – Supermeal, a leading takeaway app provider offering instant cashback on every order, has been shortlisted for Disruptor of the Year 2019.

Having launched in 2015; the takeaway delivery app provides a reliable platform for food discovery in the UK and South Asia markets. The platform helps consumers save money, encouraging them to come back for more special offers and new deals that feature amazing discounts. Supermeal gives foodies a chance to enjoy delicacies from hundreds of restaurants hassle-free. Its fast growth has made it a close adversary of industry influencers like UberEATS, Just Eat, and Deliveroo.

The success of Supermeal is greatly attributed to the founder; CEO Waqar Shah, an ex-British Telecom software engineer and tech entrepreneur. Having graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Birmingham, he developed a progressive software company that underpins Supermeal as a tech partner.

The technological aspect of Supermeal has been widely recognised by the prominent GBEA award organisers, earning the company a spot as a finalist in the regional awards.

Waqar Shah, CEO of Supermeal Ltd, said: “I’m incredibly proud to be shortlisted for the Disruptor of the Year Award. Disruption is about ambition, power of action as well as harnessing bleeding-edge technology. I’d like to take this opportunity to share a huge thanks to the amazing Supermeal team, I couldn’t be prouder of how far we have come, and it’s thanks to the commitment and loyalty of every single employee.”

Over the years, Supermeal has garnered recognition from across the board for its remarkable impact on the consumer-producer market, awarded winners of the West Midlands Tech Award for Digital Start-up of the Year 2018, ranked in the Top 10 Apps of Birmingham and semi-finalists for the illustrious KPMG Awards, to name but a few.

About GBEA and the award category of Disruptor of the Year

The NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards is a renowned body founded in 2013. It aspires to recognise the efforts of entrepreneurs as well as businesses changing the consumer world in the UK. In 2019, GBEA expanded its program to feature inspiring stories of businesspeople in 8 more regions; The South West, The North West, London & The South East, Midlands, Wales, The North East, Northern Ireland, Scotland.

Besides awarding the winners, the GBEA program takes its social responsibility seriously. The finalists and winners are given a chance to exhibit the framework of their businesses. This gives them the potential to reach more customers, potential business partners, and sponsors. The sponsors of the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards range from educational institutions to world-class business influencers.

The Disruptor of the Year Award recognises the hard work of the purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are described as a “rare breed” for their humble backgrounds and rich business actions. The disruptors establish their ideas based on the business opportunities that are overlooked and provide sustainable solutions. They aim to make life easier for customers by offering quick, innovative, and improved ways to connect with service providers.

The technologically advanced models these businesses are based on fit naturally into the respective industries and this adaptation places them at the top of rivals. The shortlisted entrepreneurs are acknowledged for their strengths in defying the business traditions and status quo to improve the industry they are based on. This award category is oriented towards championing the success stories of these disruptors to shine a light on their diligent drive.

The national regional entrepreneur awards will be held in Birmingham, at the prestigious Glee Club on the 25th of September 2019. The winners of each regional final will have the special opportunity to attend the national final which takes place in London on November 21st, 2019.

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