The world’s 5 most delicious dishes you’ll want to try!


Singapore noodles

Noodles don’t actually come from Singapore. In fact, the stir-fried vermicelli noodles with curry powder, vegetables, scrambled eggs and meat are Cantonese in origin and widely eaten in Hong Kong yet pretty much unheard of in Singapore.

Jerk Chicken

Jerk is a style of cooking native to Jamaica, in which meat is dry-rubbed or wet marinated with a hot spice mixture called Jamaican jerk spice.

Some historians believe it was originally developed by Maroons, African slaves who escaped into the wilds of Jamaica when the British captured the island from Spain in 1655. Adapting to their new surroundings, the former slaves made use of the natural food sources available to them, creating the spicy sauce and slowly cooking the meat over a smoking wood fire.


The hamburger is commonly abbreviated “burger” but is named after the German city of Hamburg.

Hamburgers first appeared in the 19th or early 20th century. The modern burger was a product of the culinary needs of a society rapidly changing due to industrialization, the emergence of the working class and middle class and the demand for mass-produced, affordable food that could be consumed outside of the home.


Kebabs are various cooked meat dishes, with their origins in Middle Eastern cuisine. Many variants are popular around the world. Kebabs consist of cut up or ground meat, sometimes with vegetables, and various other accompaniments according to the specific recipe. Although kebabs are typically cooked on a skewer over a fire, some kebab dishes are baked in a pan in an oven or prepared as a stew such as tas kebab.

The word kebab likely came to English in the late 17th century from the Arabic kabāb, partly through Urdu, Persian and Turkish.

Masala dosa

Masala dosa or masale dose is made from rice, lentils, potato, methi, and curry leaves, and served with chutneys and sambar. It’s one of South India’s most popular and tasty snacks.

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