Top 5 dessert places you should visit in Birmingham


No matter what the year on your birth certificate might say, no one is too old to indulge in some good old fashioned sweet treat.

So if you call yourself a sweet tooth, now’s the time to visit Birmingham and experience the one-of-a-kind dessert offerings this place can offer.

From the creamiest ice cream to majestic cakes of all tastes, shapes, and sizes, you’re bound to find something suitable for your taste-buds if you scout the area long enough.

But why spend your precious time cruising the town for promising dessert places and taking a chance on each single one of them, if it’s much simpler to just Google up a list just like the one you’re reading right now?

Exactly – it saves you time and ensures that your money is well spent.

So without any further ado, here are the top 5 dessert places you should visit in Birmingham, updated for 2018:

  1. Paradice Gelateria – the ice cream lover’s dream

Should you decide to set foot in Paradise Gelateria, get ready to experience the finest ice creams Birmingham can offer.

And it’s not just ice creams either – there’s all sorts of delicious desserts for you to try, including their special caramel waffles.

Make sure not to miss out on their state-of-the-art Ferrero Rocher gelato, a delicious treat they’re known for.

  1. Adore – the hot chocolate paradise

How about a chocolate chip muffin shake?


Then their midnight milk cookie shots are bound to tickle your curiosity, especially if you like vanilla (they’re topped with it, you see).

All in all, Adore is the place to be if coffee and hot chocolate is your thing.

The relaxing atmosphere, coupled with their super-friendly staff, makes visiting the cafe a no-brainer decision.

  1. Victoria Creperie – the place for everything crepe

Those who are tired of the same and old should really give Victoria Creperie a shot.

Their pancakes laugh in the face of tradition and set the rules just as they see fit.

See their trained chefs prepare the treats right in front of your eyes and be amazed.

While you’re there, the Oreo crepe is a must-pick if you’ve never visited the place before.

Alternatively, if you prefer fruity tastes, the Victoria Special with banana, white chocolate, and strawberries will render you speechless.

  1. Fallen Angel Bakery – the finest homemade cakes in Birmingham

Homemade is the name of the trend.

Combine the term with ‘cakes’, put the recipe in a skilled baker’s hands, and you’re left with the finest sugary treats you can come across in the area.

Moreover, you’re free to pick from a plethora of tastes, including vanilla, chocolate, walnut, coffee…

While you’re re-invigorating in the pleasant vintage atmosphere the bakery boasts itself with, don’t forget to order some cappuccino and get hypnotised by taking in its heavenly scent. 

  1. Bendy’s cookies and cream – the cookie maniac’s delight

Unlike all the other dessert places we’ve mentioned, this one has wheels.

It’s a food truck you absolutely must stop by if you ever see it being parked in your area.

Feel free to try one of Bendy’s famous cookies, and if you like them, you can take them home by the dozen!

Based on Santa’s advice, these go together extraordinarily well with milk.

Most of their prices are rather affordable, even for Birmingham’s standards, so there’s absolutely no reason not to see what they’re all about, should the opportunity present itself.


If you scroll through the list again, you’ll notice that every single one of these places offers something unique and is specialised in its own category.

At the same time, the selection of desserts you can get there is diverse enough so you’ll never get bored.

Even if you have no need for sugar yourself, take your kids there; even after emptying their plates, the pleasant memories you’ll create will linger on forever.

Alternatively, if you have a significant other and you’ve run out of ideas where to take them on a date, well, let’s say these kinds of problems are now history.


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