Vegan, in Birmingham? Don’t Fret!


With a ton great tasting plant-based food options, you can plan to be fed and still put the pots and pans down for tonight. Our Chef at Supermeal has a variety of dishes to recommend to you, so try not to get overwhelmed as I let you in on the best dishes; from desserts to mains this city has to offer.

Birmingham is known for its cuisine, hosting some of the best restaurant’s in the UK. With a 360% growth rate in vegans in the last 10 years, Birmingham has surly not slept on the trend. Making your food experience stress free and leaving more room for you to indulge.

When looking at the vegan food scene there isn’t much diversity adapted by restaurants, with most offering the same falafel and hummus dishes over and over again. We are not going to bore you nor your taste buds with those same old dishes.

This list being compromised of tasty plant based takes on classics, as well as more innovative dishes… why wouldn’t you want to find out what Birmingham has in store for you?

These recommendations come from customers, likewise to them, we are sure these dishes will make you re consider your favorite vegan dishes.  

Let’s begin:

1: Vegan Dessert Calzone – ZIZZI


Been thinking of a sweet treat lately? Get all the creamy sweet goodness you have been dreaming about at Zizzi with this calzone.

Most deserts are usually a no go for vegans, being dairy filled. But Zizzi uses coconut substitutes to give you the creamy taste, without the dairy!

What’s in this Calzone?

  • Sugar
  • Blueberries
  • Bananas
  • Caramelized pecans

And much more!

Have it served with chocolate ripple gelato and coconut, and you’re good to go?

Contrary to popular belief, vegan food is not bland. Zizzi proves this with this delicious calzone.

Sure, enough to leave your mouth water.

Zizzi, well done!

  1. The Sweet Vegetarian (Mr. Singh’s Pizza)


If you’re looking for the best vegan pizza in town, it does not get any better than this (and no it’s not just because it’s (one of) the only pizza places in Birmingham, as I told you earlier on. Birmingham is not sleeping on the rise of veganism)

Made of a plant-based cheese that melts like butter, this pizza will have you wanting to hang around, but not hanging.

Mr. Singhs does not leave anything to spare, with multiple options. So if you like toppings galore, or even if you’re a simpler margarita soul, they are sure to have what you want!

Its all about you! With pizzas coming with a thick base, but Mr. Singhs still offers a thin crust.

It’s an unconventional twist, but we put our taste buds to the test and they agreed in saying “it just works”. 

  1. Hail Seitan Burger (BrewDog)


We were sold at the name with this one and no surprise, the food packed a punch.

With a magnificent HAL SAETIN burger composed of crispy kale, tomato chutney, hummus accompanied by some spices all coming together between two burger buns. YUM.

No black bean burger! This burger has its own character and is sure to make an impression.

With good, freshly sourced ingredients, this burger is one to savor. Only making the amazing burger even more outstanding.

We are sure at this point we have already put your idea of a traditional burger into question. But don’t rush off to BrewDog just yet, we haven’t even mentioned the sides. With the option for fries, sweet potatoes or even a corn on the cob since we are breaking the rules 😉 

  1. The Hearty Vegan (Cherry Red’s)


The breakfast of a plant-based champion? Yes, we found it.

Cherry Reds came out with the hearty vegan and it’s been a wrap ever since.

This is the type of breakfast you need after a long night or even before an early morning.

Fill your plate with spinach, tomatoes, toast, deep fried tofu, sausage, and beans, without breaking your bank!

Leaving nothing to chance Cherry Red’s has you covered an all bases. Yes that means dessert too!  With an array of deserts including cakes, smoothies etc… being on offer, prepare to indulge.

Vegan Tacos (Habaneros)


A hidden gem amongst major franchises. This new find is sure to impress your taste buds.

The food will make you want to come back, but the atmosphere will make you want to stay. With a team of wonderful staff, making sure your experience is nothing but the best.

Offering something for the spice lovers among you – their rice, pickles, onions, guacamoles, roasted veg, beans and super-hot sauce burrito will leave you fully satisfied.

If you’re not much of a spice lover, don’t worry the pleasure does not stop there. With a selection of more mild, but just as flavorsome options on offer!

At Habaneros, they understand that you’re in a rush sometimes. So don’t stress over waiting time, take advantage of their pre order system so when you get there your food is ready to go!

Thinking about going vegan or just looking for some good plant-based food?

Birmingham is the place to be. From daring new innovations, to new takes on classics.

Being vegan is made simple, but definitely not boring.

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