Where can I get good sushi and a great experience in Birmingham?


Getting sushi in Birmingham is pretty much a given.

But finding a good sushi place?

Not so much.

Maybe you’ve gone out exploring on your own (and haven’t had any luck), or maybe this is the first time you’d like to try sushi in Birmingham and you’re on the lookout for a good bite.

Unlike some of the other articles you might have read, we’re going to do things a little bit differently this time.

Since things tend to change all the time, we’ve decided we’re going to pull the latest info and give you the most relevant data there is to find, sourced straightly from Yelp.

It’s the people’s opinion this time, not ours.

With that in mind, let’s begin!

  1. Shiki – Where sushi, authentic flavors, and great atmosphere combine

Want to dine somewhere with fresh dishes and fresh ingredients? Well Shiki is definitely the place for you to dine.

They are also known for serving a wide range of sushi dishes.

While also having amazing music that is sure to create a relaxing environment for you.

As well as being a nice conversation, it’s the perfect place to take someone out on a date.

They also offer a coconut curry chicken that is almost as popular as their sushi menu, so make sure to check it out too!

  1. Bamboo on 2nd – Where meals are delivered at lightning speed

There are plenty of seats here, the ambience is vibrant and calm, and lots of users have marked it as ‘romantic’.

Whether you’re looking for a great place to take your family out for a snack, bringing some friends along or taking your romantic interest out for an outing, this is a great place to stop at.

They serve amazing high end sushi with a twist, being matched by sauces and sensational side dishes.

Also, the users report that the prices are reasonable, so it’s not going to leave your wallet dry either.

  1. Jinsei Sushi – The place to get authentic sushi


If you don’t know exactly what you should order, reportedly, the server will make your job way easier because they are all highly knowledgeable about the sushi they serve in the restaurant as well as about sushi and its history in general!

They say this is high quality, authentic sushi, so have at it.

The restaurant’s ambience can be described as ‘retro’, with the only downside of it being the fact that it’s a rather small place, and at certain hours, you can expect to be required to wait for 30 minutes before being able to get a seat.

  1. Okinawa Sushi – The freshest sushi around

This sushi restaurant won’t leave you disappointed, since people praise it for how fresh the food is (and consistently so).

There are so many sushi rolls to choose from, so the variety of choice won’t disappoint you.

Tuna Amazing Roll and Power Roll, supposedly, are both great ones to order.

  1. Sushi Village 280 – The friendliest place that offers great value

The Yelp users are quite pleased with the friendliness of their staff.

They also mentioned that they serve a number of different sushi rolls that are of great value for the money as you can get 3 for $10.

Upon entering the place, you are greeted by creative decorations, all of which set the stage for a lovely meal.

The selection of sushi variations you can order is quite impressive, and you even get some chopsticks with it for authenticity’s sake.


These 5 sushi places are currently ranked nr. 1 to nr. 5 on Yelp.

Chances that all of this is merely a coincidence are slim to none.

Without a doubt, all of them deserved this.

Where they stand today is a direct result of the quality of foods and services they offer.

The rest is just word of mouth, clever marketing, and a good location (even though all of this pales in comparison to the factors outlined above).

When all is said and done, no matter which sushi place you choose, your choice won’t steer you wrong.

And if you absolutely can’t visit them in person, try using Supermeal or another food delivery search engine to see if these restaurants are delivering orders to your area.


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