Where can I get vegan takeaway in Birmingham?


Eating out is such a time-saver it’s not even funny.

Not only does it make everything much more efficient by saving you the trouble of having to clean the dishes afterwards, it also spares you some valuable energy (since you won’t have to cook the food yourself).

That being said, far too many people resort to burgers, kebabs, and sandwiches, believing it’s the only takeaway option on the menu.

To the contrary; there are plenty of restaurants offering vegan takeaway food, and everyone can take advantage of this opportunity.

Even if you’re not vegan per se, there’s nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit from time to time and doing something for your health.

You won’t regret it!

Anyway, let’s not digress.

According to Tripadvisor’s latest data, the following restaurants offer a vegan takeaway in Birmingham: 

1.Mr Singh’s All Vegetarian Pizza – A takeaway for pizza enthusiasts

This place has all the cheesy pizza that you can stuff your mouth with, either locally, or at home.

According to their website, their main vision is doing their best to serve quality vegan/vegetarian food that’s as fresh as it can be.

Here are some of the highlights from their menu:

– Crispy coated garlic mushrooms

– Cheesy fries and salad

– Chicken style nuggets

– Potato wedges

All coming as vegan and vegetarian.

  1. Lime Pickle – Award-winning Indian takeaway with an edge

Since Lime Pickle won the 2017 British Takeaway Awards, it’s impossible to go on without mentioning it.

The title was awarded based on more than a thousand customer votes, as well as their mystery shopper score being 100%.

If you’re an adventurous type, their Devil’s Dish Curry will set your senses packing to the moon and back, being said to be one of the world’s hottest curries.

It looks like you can also order directly from their official website.

Our of ideas?

Try one of the following delicious treats from the menu:

– Vegetable bhajee

– Mushroom curry

– Peas pilau rice

  1. Oodles Chinese – A Chinese vegan-friendly takeaway option

Unfortunately not everything they serve is vegan-friendly, but they do have some amazing vegan rice and noodle dishes.

As well as a few sides.

Like most Chinese restaurant, you will have the freedom to modify your dish to your liking including vegetables, sauces and heat!

  1. Online food delivery platforms

Understandably, dressing up and leaving your cozy home after a long day at work might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

That’s why online food delivery platforms are always an option if you’d simply like to get something delivered straight to your doorstep.

That’s why we at ‘Supermeal’ make sure that you have a number of vegan-friendly menu choices, as well as cashback on your every order, meaning that after a couple of orders, you can make an order for free!

With vegan starters, mains and desserts being listed on ‘Supermeal’, it’s never been easier to get your vegan treats straight to your door.


Things change all the time, so keeping up with the trends is always important.

In that spirit, the recommendations we’ve given you today are all based on the trending vegan-friendly restaurants on Tripadvisor.

That way, we were able to make sure that any advice we gave you will stay relevant today!

Of course, you’re always welcome to do your own research.

But until then enjoy the list of tasty vegan meals we’ve curated for you!


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