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Victory at the West Midlands Tech Awards

At the head of every great company is the CEO, who stands as the face of the company and the leader that employees try to emulate in their work ethics. Supermeal’s CEO, Waqar Shah, graduated from the University of Birmingham in Computer Science in 2005. Waqar started his career as a mobile software engineer at British Telecom in 2007 before setting up a successful software consultancy business. Waqar is now the founder and CEO of Supermeal, the online takeaway platform that has rapidly expanded over that past year in the West Midlands with more than 400 restaurants and 5,000 plus customer that has signed up through organic growth and referral rewards programmes.

As an up and coming company, Supermeal has been aiming to get its name out to as many people in Birmingham as possible. Entering Tech Awards Competition is one of the ways that the company has been making to achieve this. Winning one of the categories at the West Midlands Tech Awards is one of the biggest achievement that the company has made to date. For the past few years, the West Midlands Tech Awards have selected only the best companies that Birmingham has to offer. From engaging social media to industry-leading hardware, the awards will mark the achievements which are helping push the boundaries in the digital landscape whilst ensuring our nation remains competitive and in-tune with global and national trends. The West Midlands is already emerging as a hub for digital excellence. Hosted at the International Convention Centre (ICC), this event will catch that wave of excellence and celebrate the remarkable achievements in our business community and beyond.

The awards allow both new and mature companies to show off their work as well as highlight the important embryonic work being carried out by imaginative companies and individuals. The companies that took part could enter as many categories as they wanted and multiple entries were permitted for different projects. Since many businesses have several areas that they feel that they excel in allowing them to enter several categories gave everyone who entered a fair chance to shine and blow their own trumpet about why they should win.

The West Midlands Tech Awards of 2018 had twelve categories designed to highlight the key areas of growth and development in Birmingham’s digital industry. Their awards reflect the wide scope of skills being employed in the region, whether that be technological development or digital delivery.

At these awards, Supermeal was shortlisted for two of the twelve categories. Our CEO, Waqar Shah was nominated for the award of Yong Person of the Year and Supermeal as a company was nominated and won, the category Digital Start-Up Company of the Year. For Supermeal, this is a brilliant start, since was their first year that they have entered the West Midlands Tech Awards, to be nominated for two awards and to win one has given the company a great boost in confidence.

Supermeal’s success has not been limited to only the West Midlands Tech Awards, they have also been finalists for several other awards. They were finalists for the Service Industries and Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Supermeal were finalists for Graduate Developer of the Year Award at the Silicon Canal Tech Awards. Supermeal has also passed the semi-finals for the illustrious KPMG Awards and will soon be going onto the final round that is being hosted in Barcelona, Spain. Supermeal is planning to go further, expand their business and spread their name across the nation.

“Waqar credits his success to the team around him, who share his goals and passion.”


The West Midlands created a great opportunity for Supermeal to be able to raise awareness of the company and promote how they are different from other online take-way services that are being used today. Shortly after they won Digital Start-Up Company of the Year, Birmingham Mail wrote an article on the ‘Ten apps you won’t want to live without in 2019’ for which Supermeal was described as “What we think: A quick check on the Supermeal website showed that, even though it hasn’t been running for long, they have already given over £6,748 to customers in cashback. With an excuse like that, who could say no to a Friday night pizza?” Everyone at Supermeal was ecstatic that so many people liked their service and are proud to have been selected as one of the top ten apps of Birmingham.

It's PayDay!

With London being the capital and technology hub of the country, the West Midlands Tech Awards have gone a long way to putting Birmingham on the map as an up and coming centre of tech businesses. Birmingham is home to Silicon Canal, which aims to develop a unique tech ecosystem in the city which connects start up and tech talents with larger businesses. The city and wider region have long been a manufacturing hub and it’s similar in tech where it has brilliant talent in an area of the UK significantly more affordable than others. The West Midlands Tech Awards has brought attention and promoted new tech companies that are just starting out and gave them a boost so that they could take the West Midlands by storm.

Winning this award is but one step for the future plans for Supermeal.


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